The nature of technology development and application in today’s competitive environment is such that complex decisions about market application and competitive strategy need to be made quickly, with a fundamental understanding of both the applied technology and its potential in a developing world. Within the wide range of experts and collaborators that TechnoSys works with is the capability to fulfill both custom and systematic consultancy remits across a wide range of sectors.
TechnoSys’ capabilities combine real and virtual organizational styles and use highly focused full time consultants based at various locations around the world. We can facilitate and manage projects of any size across a wide range of technology sectors.
Furthermore not just large companies that can benefit from the expertise at hand, operators of all sizes can benefit from a wide range of consultancy services ranging from strategy development and industry or technology road-mapping to target customer identification and market entry work in support of business development.

With our extensive heritage of operating and managing aviation platforms in all environments across the globe, we have the knowledge to put you in the driving seat for your unmanned operation.We take clients on a journey to ensure they achieve ultimate efficiency, reduce costs, and increase manpower safety, enabling enterprise for business to flourish more effectively than ever before.
Not only do we provide an extensive UAV Inspection and survey service, immediately reducing cost and time for our clients we TRAIN, BUILD, and INTEGRATE unmanned enterprise into business for our clients
This enables them to see the immediate real-world benefits UAV services can bring to their sector.

TRAIN –  We specialize in training our clients to the highest possible standard. We’ll train your personnel to operate safely, effectively, and efficiently to bring your business to the next level.
BUILD – Let us build your procedure and documentation in line with Aviation regulations, safety, and our unparalleled approach to best practice, enabling you to concentrate on reducing costs and increasing efficiency across your business.
INTEGRATE – We’ll integrate training, procedure, safety, and understanding  to enable you to operate autonomously, and confidently, having given you the best possible start in using unmanned systems for your business, through our bespoke and friendly approach to supporting your own business goals.