TES-16 UAV is truly a perfect Aerial Mapping and Aerial Surveillance Fixed Wing Solution. It’s a Twin Propeller UAV and when it comes to long range flights in windy conditions you can easily trust TES-16 UAV that we are offering now. Its fuselage is made of composite fibre and wings are of balsa/plywood combo. It offers superb stable, silent and fast cruise flights and tons of power with its dual motor configuration. With bigger space in its belly, TES-16 offers to carry 21000mah batteries and can offer flight times upto 90 minutes depending on weather conditions.

The Mission Planner software can quickly create complete surveys in seconds. Software also serves as Ground Control Station for full flight info and in-flight commands (2-way, up to 10 km range). Missions are easily created or edited on the field without requiring internet access. TES-16 automatically returns to home upon loss of Telemetry link. More failsafe routines are available.

Six flight modes available: Manual, Auto-stabilization, Fly By Wire, Loiter, Return-to-Home & Full Autonomous. The TES-16 is easily bungee launched and all units are flight tested before delivery.
The wingspan of TES-16 is 2600mm and is installed with Pixhawk by 3DRobotics, which can realise flight automatically according to the route set on the Mission Planner. This will enable you to: Create a complete survey in seconds, browse area of interest in google earth, select altitude, overlaps .

S.No. Item Specification
1 WingSpan 2600mm
2 Fuselage Length 1520mm
3 Material Composite Fiber/Balsa
4 Auto Pilot Pixhawk – Advanced 32 bit ARM Cortex® M4 Processor running NuttX RTOS
5 Take Off Bungee Launch ( Fully Automatic)
6 Landing Auto Stabilized
7 Curise Speed 15.6m/s
8 Max Speed 30m/s
9 Wind Tolerance Upto 24m/s
10 FailSafe User Defined
11 Low Battery Warning Visual & Audible Alarm Warnings
12 Camera Not Included
13 Sensors AirSpeed Sensor, Battery Current Sensor
14 GPS with Compass M8N
15 Telementry (Data Link) RFD 900/868
16 Lipo Battery Not Included
17 Brushless Motor 2 x 750 Kv
18 ESC 2 x 100A
19 Remote Control Taranis X9D Plus (Mode2)(2.4Ghz)

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